Kriya Seni Program

With reference to the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities identified in the SER, the proposed development plan for Kriya Seni Study.

Strengthening Subject Matter Competence on Kriya Seni Study Program

a. Background:

In responding to globalizing era, Kriya Seni Department (KSD) or Craft Department as an institution urgently needs to prepare for professional graduations in the field of art creation and analysis. To compete in globalize world, KSD at the same time needs to be responsive to the stakeholders demand. Therefore, the strengthening subject matter competence in the field of analyzing, designing, and art creation can be the solution of those problems.

Although the products of Craft Art have become the distinctive identity and trade-mark of ISI Denpasar, this achievement does not meet the stakeholder demand. Therefore, the strengthening subject matter competence on Kriya Seni (Craft) Department’s development is focused on the out put capability, designing, analyzing, creating and performing creative and innovative art both on art and design craft.

b. Rationale

The strengthening subject matter on Kriya Seni study program can be improving competences graduated.  Through the strengthening is expected to increase teaching and learning process which at the end can obtain competence outcome who can meet the stakeholders demand.

c. Objectives

The goal of strengthening subject matter for first year which has the implication to the development of the academic atmosphere, has build SOP teaching and learning, strengthening subject matter of bagan teknik of course, Kriya Kayu I and III of course, and Kriya Keramik I and III of course.

Improving Student and academic staffs English Proficiency

a. Background

Within the last three years, ISI Denpasar implements go international program. Such program is meant to obtain international opportunities for the institution in the field of art creation and analysis.

To participate in the program Kriya Seni Department has to enhance the competency of its human resources, i.e.: the faculty members, students and administrative staffs. The utmost crucial problem in this respect lies in the limitation of foreign language proficiency among the academic communities, especially English language and the conducive atmosphere. This language deficiency has a considerable negative impact in developing the KSD globally, either in promoting our local competencies or in obtaining global opportunities and information disseminated in English language.

b. Rationale

The lack of English proficiency has a widely negative impact in developing Kriya Seni study program, especially on information dissemination in English language. This can be handled through the improvement of English proficiency.

c. Objective

Improving-English-Proficiency program for KSD’s academic community is aimed at increasing of human resources qualification of Craft Department in order to create an access to others source, to achieve well understanding both passive and active in receiving English references, to achieve well understanding of English in variant form of media such as internet, to increase English reference used. The next goal is to improve the qualities of research and art creation, to achieve the mobility of exhibition both in a form of expo or appreciative, besides to develop the graduation competence in order to meet wide competitive of market opportunities (local, national and global).

Craft Inventory through Mapping Surveys in Bali

a. Background

Each region in Bali has unique identity, especially related to its art craft production. The development of tourism has been stimulated the production of variant craft product which supporting by potential nature and human resources. The art craft products are made of coconut shall, lontar leave, ate plaid, black stone, wood carving, songket tenun, metal, ceramic, earthenware, and others. Those art craft are spreading in entire village in Bali, but the feature is not yet identified and research scientifically. Therefore the holistic mapping of those data in the community will certainly be useful reference for the development of craft art of study at ISI Denpasar and related also to other parties such as Deperindag, craft maker, buyer, broker, and other institution of education.

Art Craft Department as the institution of education which develop education of craft under Bali Province need to record the reference database about Bali’s craft potencies as the guideline reference in improving and strengthening course content. Therefore the inventory of art craft through mapping in Bali is the best thing to apply in order to manifest those objectives. In special characteristic ornament, form, and functions mention for this year.

b. Rational

The accurate identification of art craft database will obtain the reference for all parties such as ‘Deperindag, art craft maker, buyer, broker and other institution of education. The accurate and clearly information can build well cooperation system to avoid the unhealthy competition. For Art Craft Department, the identified of craft art database will useful to the teaching and learning development. The course content of Art Craft Department can be well built if the competence is supported with proper art craft inventorying   reference.

c. Objective

The goal of this program is to identify the whole aspects of craft in Bali such as: community, form, functions, design, technique, ornamentation,   etc. By establishing complete map of the entire Kriya Seni in Bali, the regencies and potencies with the need and craft area can be organized identify. Internally, the result of this activity can be a reference or source of study process, research, and creation. Externally, result of this activity has contribution for data based craft in Bali which belong to supporting society.