Seni Karawitan Program

Improving Students’ Professional Competences through Developing Holistic Instruction

a. Background

Instrumen GambangA satisfied achievement teaching and learning of already conducted DUE-like program by the Karawitan study program is showed by a significant improvement of GPA (see  SE table 1.b) and academic atmosphere. Furthermore the developed instruction method has been intensively applied through the study program and also adopted by the Dance Department. However, the teaching and learning is seemingly not yet effective because the developed instruction is conducted partially. For example course of Karawitan composition, arts creation methodology, research methodology, scientific writing method script counseling and culture theory can be synergic for improving students karawitan competences holistic (namely professional, like for the skill, knowledge, and value of karawitan)

On the other hand, a good interconnection between civitas academica of the Karawitan study program and its community as well as stakeholders (see SE table 17.a,17.c), consequently, comes into a better appreciation of the study program’s output and a need to higher quality of graduate (professional).  In their view, the graduate of the study program should become a professional artist not only as presenter but also as composer and researcher in Balinese Karawitan arts, including other etno-musics throughout Indonesian archipelago.

Lecturer qualification in the study program of Karawitan (see SE table 17.d) needs to be improved to support the synergetic holistic instructional model of teaching and learning. Currently, the lecturers apply teaching and learning mostly only in the area of specialty of them which wide vary. The ability of the lecturers to combine various contents and contexts holistically and synergistically needs to improve, so do the related teaching and learning facilities.

b. Rationale

Developing and applying synergistic holistic instruction model, including developing supporting human resources and facilities can facilitate students to improve Karawitan competences among students holistically and synergistically, namely professional, pedagogy, personality, and social competences. Thus the need of professional graduates not only as presenter but also as composer and researcher in Balinese Karawitan arts, including other etno-musics throughout Indonesian archipelago can be full filled.

c. Objectives

1)      Improving effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and learning through the application of well developed synergistic holistic teaching and learning model.

2)      Improving the graduate competences holistically to fulfill competitiveness in the local.

Improving Student’s Skill on Gamelan Construction and Tuning Adjustment

a. Background

Various kinds of karawitan traditional music in the archipelago, especially from Java, Bali, Sunda have been spreading out worldwide. It shows a significant increasing number from year to year. Many famous universities abroad have Gamelan. According to the Business News 8 September 1994, on 1992 as much 194.125, 1993 as much 120.332 the export of Gamelan from Indonesia(

In Indonesia itself, especially in Bali, almost each Banjar (local communal groups) or village has a type of gamelan; some even have more than one ensemble of gamelan. Besides that, there are also gamelan in many art foundations or courses, schools, Government’s and private office’s, hotels and private’s house compound. Out sides of Bali especially in the transmigrations area whose people came from Bali, they also have gamelan, played their ritual activity and art entertainment. Many art foundations in big cities around Indonesia supplied themselves with Balinese gamelan facilities.

Realizing that Gamelan is equipment which is vulnerable to the weather condition, a special tuning treatment and a continuing care to protect the stability of sound quality is indispensable. To watch out the continuing quality of gamelan, human recourses that is skillfully competence in tuning adjustment is needed here. In this context, an expert who has skill in constructing and adjusting gamelan tune will have a big opportunity in fulfilling the society demands. To make our students knowledgeable in gamelan making and capable in tuning adjustment, Karawitan department needs to provide additional competency through a special course.

The reality shows that the number of competent person in gamelan construction and tuning system in Karawitan department is not enough yet. The organology class which is related to the process of gamelan construction and tuning system does not give intended skill. The equipments are not enough to support the satisfied gamelan construction and tuning. The academic and laboratory staffs are also not very knowledgeable in this expertise.

Beside unpredictable factors of the weather condition that affect the gamelan tuning, the sound continuity and quality of the gamelan also depends on the material and how the Gamelan Gong smith (Pande Gamelan) organized it.

The quantity of the gamelan spreads out is not followed by the quality aspect. Globally the public society is not really concerned with the quality of their gamelan, but is more focused on how they play it. They are not able to fix the instability of the sounds caused by some damage such as broken, falls, etc.  The repairmen is usually taken care by particular technician (pande gamelan) gong smith. In consequences it will needs extra money.

The importance of the Gamelan quality needs a system to guarantee and control the quality of the gamelan. A textbook is essential as a guidance of gamelan making and tuning to get a good quality of gamelan product. It also includes a step-by-step direction how to take care the gamelan to avoid some unexpected damage.

b. Rational

The technician’s knowledgeable and skillful in making and tuning gamelan has a multiple contribution in the sector of Karawitan music. The students, who have ability in making and tuning gamelan, bring extra value for themselves.

c. Objective

The objective of this program includes:

To improve the quality of Karawitan graduations. Besides being an entertainer, creator and researcher in Karawitan field area, students can also acquire skills to make and tune gamelan.

To create a competent artist who can make and tune the gamelan, in the same ways to take care of the gamelan.

To create positive images for Seni Karawitan department at ISI Denpasar in making and tuning gamelan.

Reconstructing of the Repertoire, Concept, and Values of Balinese Music Instruments

a. Background

Artistic activity revitalization of scare Karawitan of Due like batch IV that went on from year  2003 up to 2006, have succeeded to revitalize 89 repertoires from 14 types of Balinese music instruments (gamelan). But this revitalization was limited to the practical activity without theory with the complete orchestration or only with a few instruments. To reconstruct scarce repertoire the comprehensive steps is needed to revitalize musical aspect, practical or theoretical as well.

Based on the practice aspect, revitalization of scare Karawitan is expected to have conservative dimension which can be a reference for next generation.  The theoretical aspect expected from this activity of scarce Karawitan is having dimension toward knowledge enrichment of Karawitan artist to develop forms of art expression which has contemporary context of its period.

  1. a. Rationale

Revitalization in the form of reconstruction will be achieved if the practical musical form from repertoire of scarce karawitan can be executed. To accomplish the practical skill, musical contents included in the scarce karawitan must be mastered comprehensively, both theoretically and practically.  If both aspects are achieved, that will have contribution toward the existence of Balinese Karawitan.

c.   Objective

The goal of this activity is to reconstruct repertoire of scarce Karawitan practically and theoretically. Internally, the result of this activity can be a reference or source of study process, research, and creation. Externally, result of this activity has contribution for conservation of scarce Karawitan forms, which belong to supporting society.

Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning Based on I.C.T.

a. Background

The implementation of teaching learning instructions at present is required that they can meet the students as well as stakeholders needs. Therefore, they should be well planned, implemented, and evaluated so that their accountability can be measured. Education cannot only be seen from its input and processes, but it should also be oriented to the required output and outcome.

The globalization, free trade, and science – technology – art advancement as well as progress in information technology can be the main motoric factors for higher education to be more and more transparent and easily accessed by outsiders. This condition should put into great consideration by HEI policy makers in order that they can make themselves to be transparent, accountable, responsible, independent, and fair.

Institution leader’s commitment to improve the quality of teaching learning process sustainable should be projected to the above mentioned targets. Up to the present time, the teaching-learning process in of Seni Karawitan Study Program in specific and ISI Denpasar in general, is still carried out conventionally; they are still lack of up-to-date teaching aids (See SE table 24), lack of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) in teaching learning process, and some other supporting infrastructures.

The instruction process standard is started in preparing with schedule, syllabus, SAP, and visual aids. After that, how to do teaching and learning process on practice and theory that begin done from class administration, technical presentation, until teaching and learning strategy. And the next step, how to do teaching and learning evaluation trough assessment of study.

In the teaching and learning process, lecturers still teach the lesson manually, that is impact for student’s lessons and also will be impact for students as a receiver knowledge that is not came up grade. For the quality insurance have been improved subject matter based on ICT to make easier how to find the subject matter that have improved. And than for improving the subject matter based on ICT, that make the student easier to find the subject matter for improving knowledge, skill and assessment on some thing.

The evaluation development of student is based on the lecturer’s assessment. To support the assessment improvement quality system of teaching and learning must be supported by the assessment and dissemination system. The evaluation system is not only valid for all the subject matter, but it could be improved through Porto polio system. The evaluation dissemination is still manually and carries out not effective and efficient with the improving of the evaluation administration system through ICT.

b. Rationale

Improvement in the teaching learning process through the application of standard operation procedure and ICT-based teaching instruction will significantly help improve the quality of the teaching learning output and outcome, and also help improve the transparency, accountability, responsibility and fairness of the teaching learning processes.

c. Objective

SOP will be guidelines constructions teaching and learning processes.

To made easy for students which accesses content instruction.

To define system evaluating value of students learning.

Effectiveness and deficiency value of students learning administration

Quality insurance teaching and learning processes.